June 8, 2018

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 A big thank you to all residents for not putting any trash down the chutes on 6/7/18. Stop by and check out the new trash room floor and painting!


 We have been working on making the Lobby restroom handicap accessible and updated. Come see the improvements!


Cyndi will be going to Olathe, Kansas to celebrate her grandson, George’s 5th Birthday. She will be leaving Wed. 6/13 and returning on Wed. 6/20. If you have any Action related questions, please contact our Community Manager, Nikki Bekish at nbekish@actionlife.com


 We will be doing a deep cleaning on all laundry room floors on Monday June 25 and Friday, June 29. They will do half of the floors on Monday and half on Friday. It will take approximately one hour per room. Francisco will be pulling each washer and dryer away from the wall. He will be checking the valves and hoses, plus cleaning out the dryer vents. If you have been missing a sock or something, he will probably find it. After he finishes Professional Maintenance Services will do a deep cleaning of the floor behind the washer and dryer. Then Francisco will push the washer/dryer back against the wall and Professional Maintenance Services will deep clean the front and under the sink. Thank you for being patience with us as we do this important deep cleaning of the laundry rooms. More details as the date gets closer.


The updated resident directories with e-mail addresses are available at the front desk. Ask a Lobby Attendant for a copy or contact Cyndi for an electronic copy. If you have changed your telephone or e-mail, please let us know. If you would like to be deleted from the directory, let us know that too.


Laundry – pg. 24; Section II.C – Hours: Daily 7:00 am to 10:00 p.m. only; 3. Do not wash or dry any large items such as rugs or heavy blankets that may cause damage to the equipment. 4. Bathing pets in the laundry room is not permitted. 5. Clean lint filters after using the dryer. Leave the laundry equipment, counter, sink and floor clean after use. 6. Help conserve electricity by turning off lights when you are not in the laundry room. 7. Owners should make sure their lessees, guests and domestic engineers understand the proper use of the laundry equipment. (PLEASE LEAVE THE WASHING MACHINE LID OPEN AFTER YOU ARE FINISHED. It stops the mold from forming in the machine.)


Tuesday – Partial Move-Out – 1201 (the unit will be for sale soon)

GUEST SUITE (as of this date) –  No dates available

PARKVIEW ROOM – Open Friday and Saturday

LIBRARY – Open all week

(To reserve a room, contact the Lobby Attendant to check availability. We do take back-up reservations in case of a cancellation.)


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